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How to Calculate the Weight Break December 19, 2007

Posted by freightlogistics in LTL, Rates.

Ever tried to figure out how to determine at what weight a specific rate will apply? In other words, at what weight will the 2M rate apply? Or the 5M, etc …

To determine the weight break (that is the break or weight where the first rate looses it’s prime and the next rate takes over) simply use the following formula.

X is equal to weight break
A is equal to lower rate bracket (example 1M =1000)
B is equal to next highest rate bracket (example 2M =2000)
C is equal to freight rate relative to A
D is equal to freight rate relative to B

FORMULA:     (B X D) /C = X


1M         2M
——     ——

58.21     49.39         
 translates to :      


1000    2000
——   ——
58.21   49.39             translates to :           


A      B
—      —
C      D

If   (B X D) /C = X  then  (2000 X 49.39) / 58.21 = 1696 lbs.

Anything above the 1696 lbs. point weight break, is applicable to the next weight bracket hence a different freight rate (which is usually a lower freight rate).

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